About Us

Smart Thinking Technologies, LLC is a Florida based software development company with unparalleled and matchless commitment providing custom, web and mobile application development and other services for k-12, Higher Education institutions and other companies. We specialize in developing software solutions that address the challenges of student achievement, organizational growth, employee productivity, improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness and minimizing cost. We help companies and education institutions to prosper in an open and dynamic world by assisting them with high quality and cost effective services.

Our software services and solutions are beneficial for improving every aspect of the K-12, higher education and other company experience. Whether it's scheduling, workload or learning-management, e-learning (LMS) solution, organizational or employment development, Smart Thinking Technologies delivers a broad portfolio with the most effective means to maximize their level of productivity while at the same time minimizing the cost. We believe in helping companies with value added solutions and services for technology investments are crucial for establishing the infrastructure needed to enhance organizational efficacy and competence.